10 June 2007

Playing with Papa

Since we moved into our new place and we are no longer living with my wonderful parents, we have found that our kids miss their "Grammy & Papa" sooooo much. So one of our favorite weekly traditions is dinner with my parents. The back yard is a great place for some rough & tumble with Papa. My Dad has diligently worked to have the softest lawns you have ever touched; a process that has taken him many years.

Our weekly date started so innocently

Then the rolling started
Then the steamroller
Jack? Not in the mood.
Say, "uncle!"

I think he used this move on me and my siblings once or twice.

Giddy-up Papa!

Daddy got some too
Daddy and his babies
We love our weekly dates. They always include wonderful food too. This particular night we enjoyed a nice juicy tri-tip, baked asparagus with Parmesan, garlic bread and baked potatoes (are you jealous Pee and Curtis?). YUMMMMMMMM

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The Moffitt Family said...

Oh.... Papa Kip! The kids have one of the worlds best papa's.... I love seeing all these pictures. I wish we were there to share them with you.