17 March 2010

Big Boy Bike

Today we got Jack his very first "big-boy" bike (Thank you so very much Nana!). He was so excited! He has told every stranger in the store and on the way home about it. We are still figuring out how to get him to stop stomping on the breaks but he will get it!
Nana Phyllis - We love you so much! Thank you for loving us like you do!

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23 February 2010

Giant T-REX Puzzle

I've been working hard to instill a love for puzzles in the kids. This is one that Jack and I put together this morning. It's a giant T-Rex puzzle! He loves it!
I think it looks like t-Rex wants to eat his head! It was also very fun to roll on. :)



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Trains and More Trains

Jack's favorite things are trains. Who knew that my bedroom furniture would make such a great train station??



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With all the rain we have had the kids were so happy for a day they could actually go out and ride their bikes. Jack took his bowl of Cheeze-Its for a ride. They didn't last long though because Gil was pretty quick to catch up to them!




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