30 January 2008

Snow Day

For the last few weeks we have had several snow days. It never snowed more than an inch or so at a time. Yesterday it snowed for about 10+ hours straight and we ended up with around 4-5 inches!!!

Rick came home early from work yesterday (to make sure he could actually get home) so he took Caroline and Gil for a walk in the snow. Caroline started with a snow angel. Caroline drew this snowman on my kitchen door window
Some hot-coco after the walk
(can you see it all over her face??)

Bath time was really cute too.Jack was sitting on her!
The tree in our front yard was so heavy with snow. This morning the sun came out and was absolutely beautiful through the trees. This guy was actually skiing through our neighbor's property Well, since we were home again and preschool was canceled because of the snow, the kids and I decided to build a snow man.

Gil even helped!

Caroline decided to taste each enormous snow ball.

Comin' along nicely

After a while Jack decided to blaze his own trails.

Caroline made another snow angel
Tada! We would like you to meet our 3rd child.

All done! Time to warm up and take naps!

17 January 2008

Yeah for Sunshine!

So after about a week and half of rain and snow we were all ready for some outside play time. We headed to the park. It was cold, but it was still beautiful outside!

Jack has this same expression in every picture.

He smiles, I swear!

Sand play time
Jack was eating the sand by the handfuls! I thought, "Surely he will spit it out!" Nope he swallowed it and it appeared in his diaper the next day. OUCH!!Destroying Sissy's sand castle

Caroline has mastered this huge slide. She has been afraid of it until now. But after I convinced her that it was the same as slide at McDonald's she was willing to try.

She doesn't look very excited, does she?

Jack driving the truck

He's such a little man!

(check out that hair!) Caroline also had a great time climbing the jungle gym.
It was such fun day! I am so thankful for this brief time of sun in a very rainy season.

03 January 2008

Go Jacksonville!!

Last year for Christmas (2006) Rick's Nana bought this little jersey for Jack. The Jacksonville Jaguars are her favorite football team. For her birthday this year we took these pictures for her and it will go in a photo book from all of us. I just thought they were too cute not to share.