04 February 2009

Away We Go!!

Well, here we are at the airport getting ready for a week full of adventure...

Here we are waving "Good Bye" to Mommy!

My sister giving Lex one more smooch before we leave.

She did really well on the plane! I didn't believe Leah when she told me how busy Lexi can get on the plane. Well, the DVD player didn't work and I had just enough snacks to make it to Sacramento. Whew!
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The Week We Had Lexi

Well, our week with Lexi was a little difficult. Lexi was not feeling all that well and well, she reeeeaaaallly missed her Mommy.
So here are a few pictures of her looking happy...sort of.

Coloring with Caroline and Jack...just after this picture was taken Lexi stole a crayon from Jack...Ill let you guess how that went.

Lexi really loved being with Caroline. They were so cute together.

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