05 January 2009

Missing Tooth!

Well, it finally happened. Rick and I became the proud parents of a "Toothless Wonder".
Caroline lost her first tooth yesterday after church!

Check out that smile!

Placing the tooth under the pillow for the Tooth Fairy

She was SUPER excited about the Tooth Fairy. She told me this morning that she had a hard time sleeping last night, even though she was asleep within 5 minutes!

The Tooth Fairy brought her a whole dollar!
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Beautiful Faces

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Happy New Year Snow!

To bring in the New Year we decided to take the kids to go play in the snow.
Rick found this amazing spot that we didn't have to share with anyone. It was awesome!

Check these two out!
They are setting the fashion for snow play.
(check out the way Jack is holding his arm!)

Sliding down the hill with Daddy

Caroline and I had a go as well.

What a fun way to spend the day. We all had a great time and everyone took AWESOME NAPS!!!
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01 January 2009

Caroline's Christmas Special

This year Caroline did a little program with her kindergarten class at school.
I was singing at a Ladies Tea at church and unable to be there but my very brave hubby took Caroline, Jack and the camera and captured the evening for me. SOOOO CUTE!!!

"Is there something on my shirt?"

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Roller Skating???

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to our friend Mimi's birthday party. It was at Roller King in Roseville.
This was the first time Caroline and Jack had ever roller skated. They were so cute! I just have one question, Why can't they tighten my wheels like they do for the kids????

Here is our friend Viki helping Caroline out with her skates.

Jack is the cutest thing I have ever seen in roller skates.

Viki and Rick helped Caroline...she did really well.

Tye, Rick and Jack sharing some birthday goodness with us.

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First Snow!! (yipeeeee!!)

December 14th we had our FIRST SNOW!!!
After it snowed for a couple of days and we lost power I think we ended up with around 6-8 inches!!!

Here is the tree in our front yard.

Rick trying to shovel a way out.
(I think he looks a little too happy).

Getting ready for the first snow walk of the season.

This is our street!
I think it looks magical.
Rick and I really enjoyed watching people slide up and down the street. This is when the new hybrid cars get tested. They all failed. I guess they are just not made to handle real weather.
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Tree Hunting

This is the second year in a row we have gone to Little Bear Tree Farm to "hunt" for our Christmas Tree. And let me tell you, this year it was a HUNT!!! But we had a great time all the same. This year we took our good friends Vanessa and Joshua with us.

Rick is REALLY trying to fill his Mountain Man shoes this year.
Here he is with his hot chocolate, and his dog...and his vest.
Joshua and Caroline (who was dressed as an Indian all day) enjoying some hot chocolate by the fire pit.
Me and my friend Vanessa!! I'm so glad they came!
FUNNY: If you notice Gil at the bottom of the picture, he is actually drinking my hot chocolate with out me knowing...
Rick and Jack on the giant See-Saw
Little Caroline Two-Feet.
Joshua and Rick cut down the tree together. Very manly. Taking our finds back to the truck to head down the mountain.Joshua and Vanessa with their treeThis was our tree!
What a great day!

Family Pictures

While we were in Florida for Thanksgiving we had the opportunity to take our family picture with Rick's Mom, Grandmother and Brother. It was so fun, but very challenging since I had to use the timer on my camera. But I think we ended up with some good shots anyway.

The Boys

Uncle Bubba and his favorite kiddos!
This was one of my favorites from that day.
Phyllis and her boys.
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