31 May 2007

More Corn Please!

Tonight we had corn with our dinner, one of Caroline's favorites. I couldn't believe how huge this piece of corn was compared to her head!
Focus, focus, focus
She can polish one of these suckers off with no problem

30 May 2007

Too Beautiful Not to Share

My sweet friend Annie from seminary took one of Jack's pictures and improved upon it...BIG TIME!! It was just too beautiful to keep to myself. Thank you Annie!

29 May 2007

Memorial Day with the Hadley's

This Memorial Day we headed over to our friends the Hadley's. Mark Hadley is the Student Pastor at our church and Rick is his partner in crime. We had a great time swimming and eating and arguing over who really is the "Grill King". I think Teri and I won.
Swimming with Daddy
Caroline and Brooke
Hangin' out...I know you are jealous of my

Brooke the fish

This was so funny. Caroline and Brooke came out all dressed up and put on a show for us. They called themselves "The Combo Queen and Princess". We are not sure what "Combo Queen" means but it was hilarious. We wondered..."Does a Combo Queen come with a drink and fries?"
It was a great day and the kids were so worn out they fell asleep on the way home.

Fort Bragg with Mommy

This past weekend was the "Mommy Getaway" weekend with my friend Shawn. Since the babies still need their mommies they got to come too. So we stayed in a hotel and enjoyed the beach and the sun. This is Jack's first sunset.

Sand tastes good.

Shawn and Isabella
My boy and his first sunset.
Glass Beach with Mommy

Glass Beach is a beach made up of beach glass. It was at one time a public dump! (Obiously before we knew the effect our garbage has on the environment). Well all the garbage washed away exept for a few tires and bunch of glass! It is really pretty. The glass is all colors; blue, green, white, brown.

Yummm.. this seaweed tastes good...salty, but good!
How about a rock! I can sharpen my teeth on this!
I couldn't resist a naked boy with perfect lighting for a photo.

Check out the rolls!

C'mon Mom! I'm sleepy!

All in all it was a great trip. Fort Bragg, Ca is a small coastal town in the Pacific Northwest. To me, it is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. What a great place to recharge and enjoy God's creation with one of my favorite little creations!

24 May 2007

Dancing Caroline Belle

Many of you have asked for pictures of Caroline in her dance class. Here are a couple but it was pretty dark in the room so I will try to get some that are better.

point, point, pase, first
distracted by Sabrina
shorty george!
Caroline takes ballet from Laura Bishop. She loves it. Her first recitle will be June 23rd. I will be sure to post pictures and maybe a video of the event.

23 May 2007

Jerry T Webb - At Sundown

Many of you know our friend Jerry. What most of you don't know is that our dear friend is about to complete his first album. Jerry is one of the most talented artists we know. In fact, Jerry wrote and sang our wedding song "July 31st". Maybe one day he will record it.

The title of his new album is At Sundown. Rick and I have both heard the rough cut and we love it! We know you will love it too. As soon as I can figure it out, I will put his music on our blog. You can view his myspace page by clicking on the link to the right. You can also listen to some of his music there too.

We are so proud of our brother. We can't wait to see what God is going to do. Please be in prayer for him and his growing family. He and his wife Brandi have twin 4 year old daughters and they are expecting a son in early July!

18 May 2007


Well, it's almost summer and I think we may have jumped the gun on going swimming. I bought the kids a swimming pool the other day and they couldn't wait to put their suites on and jump in! They were freezing cold but they didn't complain one bit! Jack loved it! Caroline had a blast!

Our Trip to Florida

We recently returned from Florida to visit Nana, Griff, Bubba (Travis, Rick's younger brother), and the Webbs. While we were there, we were blessed to participate in Bubba's graduation ceremony from The Baptist College of Florida (where we both attended). It was such a fun trip and we were so blessed to be able to celebrate with Travis who has had to overcome so much adversity to complete this. We are so proud of him!

We also were able to have some quality time with Nana and Griff. These two ladies love and spoil my kids to no end. One of the ways that Jack shows he loves you is by grabbing your face and slobbering all over. He proved that he loves his Nana and Griff!

Loving Griff
Nana was succesfully able to put both of Jack's fat legs into the sleeves of his jammies. We laughed so hard!
All in all, it was an awesome trip. We loved every minute and the kids were so great on the plane! They were perfect little flyers!

Fun With the Hender-Webbs

One of the many highlights of our trip to Florida was spending some quality time with our best friends from college, Jerry and Brandi Webb and twin girls Hannah and Ellie. Caroline, Hannah and Ellie are only 4 months apart and play together so well! One thing we will never forget was when Hannah asked Caroline if she "wanted a beat-down" for not sharing Spiderman. As you can see, Brandi is pregnant with their first son, Andrew Webb. So far, no middle name. He will be born in early July. We have always lived near eachother until our move out here to California. We joke that one day we will combine our families and become the "HENDERWEBB" family!

Hannah, Jack, Caroline & Ellie-bean


Hannah, Caroline & Ellie

Bug hunter, Ellie

She actually takes her bugs to the dinner table Jack and Uncle Jerry!

We are so proud of our buddy Jerry! He is about to finish his first CD called Jerry Webb/At Sundown. It is awesome! As soon as he gets music on his page we will make sure to add it to our blog. He wrote and played our wedding song, July 31st. We love you Webb!

Playing at Nana's House

On our trip to Florida Caroline and Jack had so much fun playing with all of Nana's toys. But I think they had the most fun playing in the bath!

Eating rubber duckies
Taking a bath in the same wash tub that
Daddy and Uncle Bubba used to bathe in
Rub a dub dub
Caroline the Firewoman!