29 December 2007

Jack is Walking!!

28 December 2007

Snow Creatures

We had our first snow today and my dear friend Wendy sent me these pictures of the creature her son Blake had made in their yard. They are soooo funny! I realize this is a "family blog" but we love them so much they are almost family...so it counts! Not sure what the proper name of this thing is.

How would you like this thing keeping gaurd in front of your place??? HAHAHA!!


First Snow

We woke up this morning to a great surprise!!! Our first snow of the year. The kids were amazed as they caught their first glimpse of the winter wonderland waiting for them. 311 Monroe was now covered in a wonderful white blanket.
Monroe Street
We decided to go for a family walk.
Pine Street Bridge

Deer Creek

Caroline being thrown over the bridge!

Downtown Nevada City was magical

This was one of those moments that you love as a parent. After our walk and changing our clothes, I went to the kitchen to make a bottle for Jack. What did I find? A snowball in my fridge! (we moved it to the freezer).

Christmas!!! (this one is HUGE!)

This was by far the best Christmas ever! It seems to get better every year when you have children. This year we started a new tradition...Christmas Jammies!!! Christmas Eve we all opened one gift...matching jammies. Caroline was more excited than Jack, especially since Jack slept through most of it.

Check out those snowman jammies!
Christmas morning was really fun. Caroline got a keyboard.
Rick got a record player
I got a beautiful surprise that came in a green box!!

Can you guess??


(this is a line from Rick's favorite love song)

Sterling silver earrings. I love them! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

After we had Christmas at our house with the kids we headed over to Grammy and Papa's house to join the rest of the family.

Grammy helped Jack work on his new work bench.

Caroline snuggled up next to Papa
Jack and Lexi fixed some stuff.
Papa & Grammy made breakfast

Next we lined everyone up for some pictures!

Here are all the little cousins!

4 generations of women in my family
Family Christmas photo. Siblings!!!

(that's the little brother in the middle!) I think this picture pretty much sums up our relationship.
It was so nice to have all of us home.
The Whipple's
Isn't she darling?

She is such a happy little thing. I miss her already.

24 December 2007


I know, I know...Caroline is almost 4 1/2 and still have not ever cut her hair. It had grown down to her bottom and was so beautiful. But over the last few weeks she has been working on her Daddy about getting her hair cut. Finally he caved and we decided that since we allow her to pick out her own clothes (weather appropriate of course) and express her developing fashion sense in other ways it was time to allow her to cut her hair. AAAHHHH! So, after putting it off she finally said, "Mom, I want you to call Bon Bon Salon and ask Mallory to cut my hair". I knew she had her mind made up...she even picked her own stylist! This past Saturday was the big day. We were Mallory's first customers of the day.
Caroline was so excited.
Getting ready for the first cut
Caroline told Mallory that she wanted her hair just like mine.
I cried.
This beautiful little pony tail was donated to Locks of Love and will be made into a wig for a sick child who has no hair.
Mallory was working her magic. Turning my baby into a beautiful young lady.
Looking at the back
Daddy's first glimpse.
ok, ok....I LOVE IT!!!!
I am not sure how I feel about her looking closer to 6 than 1, but there it is and I am still getting used to it. I don't like this business of children growing so fast. Can't we just slow it down a little?

Lexi Is Here!!! (and her parents too)

Saturday morning Uncle Mike, Aunt Pee, Annie and Lexi came into town!!!! We are so happy they are here to spend Christmas with us! Lexi is 8 months old now and has mastered the "army crawl".

A proud uncle Rick and tired little Lexi
My beautiful sister and Jack-Jack
Jack looooves Lexi. Lexi....is not so sure
(that's a courtesy smile)
Caroline giving Lexi some encouragement
What can I say?? She is irresistible!