22 May 2008

Welcome Kaden Joshua!!

Our dear friends Pat and April FINALLY had their baby boy (and only a week late!) He was born Tuesday and weighed 7lbs 14 oz and was 21 inches long. Where was she hiding him???? He is absolutely beautiful. Congrats guys!

Music Box

Nana Phyllis called one day and asked Caroline what she wanted her to bring the next time she came. Caroline asked for a music box. Well, not only did Nana bring a music box, she brought the music box that was given to her when she was a little girl along with a bracelet that was in it. It was so special.

This is one of my favorite pictures!

New Truck for Jack

Uncle Bubba (Travis) bought Jack this cool new truck! It sooo manly! grrrrrr.

Mother's Day Tea

For Mother's Day Caroline's preschool put together a little "Mother's Day Tea". It was so special. We got all dressed up and were escorted into a little "photo-shoot" (which I have still not seen the picture :( ), then we sat at beautiful tables where the kids served us tea and snacks. It was so sweet!
Caroline and her friend Amara.

Then it was time to sing! They were so cute!
If you can see this, Caroline told her teacher all about me, yikes! I don't know if you can see, but she told her teacher that "My Mom likes to sit on the couch"!! I fell over when I saw that!A beautiful hand-made journal for me!
We had a little play time afterward. Caroline played rickshaw! (Hey Andrea, do you think Caroline has a future job in your city??)

02 May 2008

A Visit From Nana and Griff!

For Rick's 30th birthday, his Mom and Grandmother flew all the way from Florida to help us celebrate. We had a really great visit. Not to mention, they were an amazing help to me with the kids. They did my dishes AND my laundry daily! I've had a hard time getting back into the swing of things since they have been gone.

This visit we went down to Bridgeport. It's a section of the beautiful Yuba river that has this amazing covered bridge. We took lots of pictures of the grandmother's with the kiddos.

I know I'll treasure these for a long time.
One day I came upon Griff reading to Jack. They were so cute together!
He looks like he's saying, "Hey, you have a mouth too!"
This is Griff posing on some rocks down by the river. She is one of the sweetest ladies in my life. I'M KEEPIN' HER!
Since we were at the river, the kids had to get in. Forget the fact that the main source of water for the Yuba is snow run-off. It was ICY COLD!!
Even Nana Phyllis got in. She was more brave than I am! That's one of the reasons I love her so much. She is CRAZY!! She has all the good making's of a wonderful Nana. She's amazing. We miss you Nana!Jack actually sat down in the water. His legs were freezing cold. Not mention the 10lbs diaper that was hanging off of him. It was probably weighing him down!This is one of my favorite pictures lately. Caroline was checking out Jack's huge diaper/ Look at her face! HAHA!
We finished their visit by having dinner with my parents. Which, of course came with rides in my Dad's new Corvette! Talk about a photo-op!