25 November 2007


Thanks to my good friend Wendy who had her camera handy we were able to capture Jack wearing his sister goggles (which she wore with her dress to church this morning).

24 November 2007

The Perfect Tree

Rick and I love the Holiday Season. We love it all. We could hardly wait for Thanksgiving to be over with so we could go get our Christmas Tree. This year we went to the Little Bear Tree Farm in Alta, CA. It was amazing. It was this tiny little place with hardly any parking but they provide such a fun experience.

We started the day off right with a quick drive through Starbucks.
As you can see Rick likes to inhale his coffee with one big gulp. Little Bear is also the home to the worlds longest see-saw (maybe).
Jack and Uncle Bubba had a great time.

Did I mention it was cold there??? This place sits in a hole. Here we are all bundled up.

Who let Rick have the saw?????

Travis was pleading for his life. and then he lost his head.


Nana Phyllis came with us and decided to take a rest on what looked like a sturdy pile of wood. To her surprise the logs rolled out from under her and she landed in the dirt!! AHHHH! We finally found the tree.
The cool place about this tree farm is that they ask you to make the cut just above the first "whorl" of branches. This way the tree will regenerate itself and grow 2 or 3 trees off of the stump. It was really cool to see all the different stages of this process and should make all of the "tree hugging - fish kissers" out there happy.
They take you part way up the mountain to the tree farm in these renovated Willys trucks. Then you pile in and they take you back down to measure the tree.
Jack and Nana taking a lunch break.
There is a huge bonfire going so it makes the air a little smokey. I couldn't resist the way the light was cutting through the trees.
Rick and I in front of the water wheel.
"Dear Santa, define 'Good'"
Caroline the tigress took some time out to master the monkey bars...
while sitting on my head.
Loaded up and ready to go.
We could hardly wait to get home and start decorating. The problem is, none of us brought a tape measure to measure the tree before we cut it. So we ended up with a short tree. But it is still beautiful!
We have definitely started a new family tradition.


This Thanksgiving it was my turn to cook. I have not had to do Thanksgiving for about years now. I was a little out of practice. Good thing I had plenty of help! Thanksgiving is always at my parents house but this year they decided to head to southern California to spend it with my sister and her family. In keeping with the tradition we still had Thanksgiving at their house...just without them!
(We sure did miss them!) Nana and Jack sharing a snack
Gill enjoyed his pear from the tree in the back yard.
Uncle Aug, Caroline and Rick

My aunt Sheri was a HUGE help. She made the gravy...which I had no clue how to do.
My Grandma Bel was there too! She helped me to keep a level head and reminded me that she loved me even if it wasn't perfect.The sweetest Grandpa in the whole world.
I don't know if you can really see the progression of these pics, but it was really funny
And turkey was perfect!

19 November 2007

Nana & Griff...FINALLY!!!!

After 6 long months, Nana and Griff FINALLY got here! The kids could hardly wait to see them! Here they are in the parking lot at the airport.
Nana and Griff coming down the elevator!

I think Caroline looks like her Nana in this picture.Tradition is that when you leave the airport you have to eat at In-N-Out.
It doesn't really matter what time of day or night.This my friends is a Double-Double, animal style.
YUMMO!And of course Nana and Griff came with plenty of gifts for the kids.

More pictures to come!!

The Fork

My Jack-Jack has a thing with texture. So I thought I would give him a fork. He loved it! He was even trying to stab things himself!! Check out that crazy hair!!!

I think this one is funny!

More Swing Set Fun

Bella comes to play with us on Friday mornings. We decided she could help Jack break in his new swing. He loooooooves to swing. Bella was the queen of the tower

My crazy son.
Bella found a leaf.
Isn't she cute!!!???

Dirt Princesses

While the men were working on the swing set my friend Shawn and I took the kids over to my grandmothers to do some yard work. I brought plenty of princess dresses and crowns and so Caroline and Angelena immediately dressed up. At first their play was innocent. They played on the bridge like any other princess would.

And then they spotted the dirt pile.
Jack and Isabella watched from the window.
And then the royal princesses extended the reach of their kingdom.
They were actually sliding down the dirt pile on their bellies!
These girls were so dirty. You don't even want to know what the bath water looked like.