13 April 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!

Lexi, Jack, Caroline & Allie

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Egg Hunt!

The time finally arrived for the kids to hunt eggs. Here they are all ready & waiting.

Jack, Kadyn, Caroline & Kenyan

Jack & Daddy were in the hunt!
Caroline has egg-hunting down to a fine art!
Here in the mountains we hide eggs EVERYWHERE! Jack was really determined to get this egg hidden in the tree. He would yell, "I got it!"
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One of the things I love about Easter is all the family getting together. Here are some random family pictures from the day. I think at one point my Uncle Rick counted 40 people.

Not only did we celebrate Easter, we also celebrated the birthdays of 6 people in our family: Grandpa Harold, Brian, Tracee, Rick, Kyle & Lexi. The little kids decided that Great-Grandpa needed help blowing out the candles.

Caroline put a 60-piece Easter puzzle together with a little help from Grammy Lilly and Annie

Aunt Sheri got some good snuggles in with baby Allie.

My cousin Kari also came into town for the occasion and brought her husband and two sons. One of which is the adorable baby Jeremiah Wayne. He is so cute!

Dying Eggs!

This was the first year that both of the kids got to dye Easter Eggs. They had so much fun!

Caroline was definatly into the craft of dying Easter Eggs and was really good at it!
Jack needed a little more help. He really just liked orange and blue.
So he ended up with 12 brown eggs.

I thought this picture was really funny. The lense distorted his face because
he was so close! But if you look carefully, you can see the tiny freckles on his nose and tops of his cheeks!
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27 March 2009

San Fransisco with the Hadley's

This past Monday Rick and I along with Mark and Teri Hadley headed to fabulous city of San Fransisco to check out the location for our up coming Mission trip. You know, we only live 2 1/2 hours away and it has been YEARS since we have been. We had an awesome time driving around and we even got to do a little sight seeing.

This is a view from Pier 39 in The Fisherman's Wharf. Sea Lions seem to hang out here year round.

We got to drive down the famous Lombard Street. It's the "curviest" road in America. It was a little scary in our truck! But we made it - the poor woman on the sidewalk almost didn't! :)

The youth group will be staying in a hotel in Mill Valley which means they will get to cross the Golden Gate Bridge EVERY DAY!! Well, we had to try it out. You know, make sure it's all safe. :)

This is Rick's boss Mark and his fabulous wife Teri. They are a really fun couple.

A view of the city from one of the MANY steep hills in the city. YIKES!

We found the location for our missions headquarters and discovered this really under-whelming playground. Well again, for the benfit of the students that will be serving, we just had to make sure everything was on the up & up. ;)

A Date

A couple of days ago Jack and I had a little "date" to the park. He is growing so fast and is such a ham! Here are my favorite pictures from the day.

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When we went for a walk on the ball field Jack slipped in some mud and was totally covered. Thanfully I had him layered because he was NOT ready to finish playing.

Sleepy Ninja Kids

Too funny not to share these...Jedi Jack!

04 February 2009

Away We Go!!

Well, here we are at the airport getting ready for a week full of adventure...

Here we are waving "Good Bye" to Mommy!

My sister giving Lex one more smooch before we leave.

She did really well on the plane! I didn't believe Leah when she told me how busy Lexi can get on the plane. Well, the DVD player didn't work and I had just enough snacks to make it to Sacramento. Whew!
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The Week We Had Lexi

Well, our week with Lexi was a little difficult. Lexi was not feeling all that well and well, she reeeeaaaallly missed her Mommy.
So here are a few pictures of her looking happy...sort of.

Coloring with Caroline and Jack...just after this picture was taken Lexi stole a crayon from Jack...Ill let you guess how that went.

Lexi really loved being with Caroline. They were so cute together.

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05 January 2009

Missing Tooth!

Well, it finally happened. Rick and I became the proud parents of a "Toothless Wonder".
Caroline lost her first tooth yesterday after church!

Check out that smile!

Placing the tooth under the pillow for the Tooth Fairy

She was SUPER excited about the Tooth Fairy. She told me this morning that she had a hard time sleeping last night, even though she was asleep within 5 minutes!

The Tooth Fairy brought her a whole dollar!
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