31 December 2008

More From Florida

As I was sorting through my pictures there were a few that I neglected to post. They are pretty random so hang in there! :)

This is Jack helping me roll out the dough for my Apple Pie
Check out those legs!
(His Jacksonville jersey says "Henderson" on the back)
Caroline obviously gets some of her moves from her Nana

Our last night in Florida Caroline got to fall asleep with Hannah and Ellie in their bed.
It broke my heart to sneak her out of their bed. :(
This is usually how you will find Rick and Jerry. Brainstorming ideas and Jerry strumming his guitar. It's a beautiful site.
Jack and Andrew took a bath together.
(I couldn't get them to look at the same time...BOYS!!)
This was at Nana "Griff's" house. Caroline and Jack are sitting where Rick and Travis used to sit.
This was a wonderful day. The day Florida played Florida State in Tallahassee. We spent the whole afternoon with Travis at a local sports bar watching the game and eating yummy food. Let's just say that Rick and I left VERY happy!
We had an amazing trip at Thanksgiving. It was way too short. We miss you guys!

14 December 2008

Meet the Hender-Webbs

Jerry and Brandi Webb are our best friends from college. I have actually known Jerry longer than I have known Rick. I met Rick and married him and then Jerry met Brandi and married her. Anyway, there are now 5 kids between us. They live in Daytona Beach, Fl so on our recent trip at Thanksgiving we were able to see them for only one day. But was such a fun day! This is Rick eating my hat.
Jerry and BrandiCaroline, Hannah & Ellie (twins)
Jack sticking his toes in the water...yes he did fall all the way in!
Caroline, Ellie & Hannah
These girls LOVE each other. We miss them so much.
Brandi and Andrew...he is such a cutie-pie!

The Webb Family!
Merry Christmas from all the Hender-Webb kids!

08 December 2008

I'm an Auntie Again! :)

On Friday night around 10pm my baby sister Leah gave birth to her second child, Allie Michelle. She weighs 8 lbs, 8oz and she is 20 inches long. I have not had the pleasure to meet this beauty but from what I hear, she has rolls all over! Now that's my kind of girl! Leah and Allie are doing great. Lexi is getting used to the idea that she is a big sister and Mike, well, he's surrounded by beautiful women. Check out those cheeks!