26 June 2007

Jack & Uncle Curtis

I love it when my brother comes home from school. He is about enter into his senior year at Biola University in southern California as a film student. He is so talented and one day, if he lets me, I will post some of his short films. Uncle Curtis is crazy about his niece and nephew and they are crazy about him!

Weighing down Uncle Curtis.
He's going to kill me for this, I think my little brother is HOT!
Hey baby! I know you think I'm cute. How about a kiss?
Double trouble. Watch out when these boys are in town!
Ok, for those of you who have seen Spaceballs, I think that Curtis looks like the little guy with the big helmet! OWWW! Hot stuff!

Curtis will be spending most of July at home so hopefully we will be able to get some more fun pictures.

Just Some Fun Pictures

I am not sure where to put these pictures. They are pretty random but they are so sweet. My kids love eachother. Caroline can't get enough of her brother and Jack saves his biggest laughs for his sister. Here are some of the best ones from hanging around the house.

Caroline and Jack on Papa's motorcycle.

Just as I was walking in the room to put Jack down for his nap and I found Caroline giving Jack a "hair-do". It was so funny and he sat so well for her. (And yes Annie, that is a Gator pacifier in his mouth!)
It's almost done.
When I am cleaning in the kitchen I usually put Jack in his booster seat with some random kitchen toys. Today was a measuring cup and large wooden spoon. This kid loves to bang his toys on his tray...he is all boy!
" I think this is the part that goes in my mouth. hmmm I
wonder if I can stick the whole thing in there?" Trying to master the sippy cup.
Hey there Mama!
One of the funniest moments recently; My good friend Shawn was over with the girls and we were busy talking the livingroom, basically we were ignoring the girls. Time passed and Caroline came running in the room and exclaimed, "Mom! You have to come see the REALLY BIG BUBBLES in the sink!" I died laughing. I had really just ignored my child and she and Angelena had flooded the bathroom sink with soap and bubbles. Thank goodness for the overflow hole in the sink.
That same evening, Isabella went for a ride on Jack! He was not as amused as we were.
Little Isabella is very flexible. She is known for eating her feet and even being able to put her feet on the dinner table while eating. HA!
I am not proud of this, but man he looks great in pink!

22 June 2007

Sonforce Kids - Special Agents.

Friday will conclude our Summer Day Camp (VBS) called Sonforce Kids. They are agents on a mission from God! Caroline has been looking forward to each new day. She wakes up and is ready to get dressed and go to church. This kid loves church. As you can see, Caroline and Zoe are on a serious mission....making it to the ice cream parlor after the final program.
Bobby Breaux and some of the volunteers for VBS. There are tons of them.
Special Agents, Joshua, Caroline and Zoe.
(Watch out Tom Cruise. There is a new team in town!) It seems as though they made it!
Both girls enjoyed a scoop of mint ice cream.
Caroline had sprinkles and Zoe had chocolate chips.
yummmmmmm." This is serious stuff sir. May I see your ID?"
Caroline was so excited to learn new songs for the program. She practiced almost every day. The cutest thing was to hear her go in her room to play and pop in her VBS CD and start singing along. I could hear her singing along up there and I know she had to be watching herself dance in the mirror. She is so sweet.

Caroline & Zoe

The other night we were blessed to hang out with our little friend Zoe. The girls had such a great time playing with bubbles, play house, in the bath tub etc... They even had a great time brushing their teeth! They both did not go to sleep until 11pm! Crazy girls!

18 June 2007

Crawling on Father's Day

Jack starting Crawling on Father's Day! We are so proud! This is my first attempt at a video so it runs a little long.

Happy Father's Day

We had a wonderful Father's Day. The day started for Daddy by going into his office to find an entire wall of his cubicle had been covered with pictures of his kiddos.

Daddy and his babies

Later in the evening we had dinner with Grammy, Papa and friend Vanessa. Then we headed over to Great-Grandpa and Grandma's house for some home-made German Chocolate cake. Yummm.

Great-Grandpa Harold

Then we watched a movie at Grammy and Papa's house. We had such a special day as a family. The only thing missing was baby Lexi (and her parent's too. )

14 June 2007

6 Month Check up...at 8 Months.

Today was Jack's 6 month check up. Yes, he is almost 8 months now but we have been dealing with about 6 weeks of solid ear infections. So today we had a painful ear check up and some shots. At least we got a couple of very nice Snoopy bandaids.
Here are the stats:
23 lbs 14 ounces - to be honest we thought he was about 25 lbs now.
28 1/2 inchs long.
This puts him in the 95th percentile for weight and the 75th for height.

Trying to be brave for the camera
This isn't working
This side got 2 shots. :(
Little Jack was not as brave today as he has been. He spent the rest of the day snuggling with his Papa.

Love Me Some Food!

For those of you who don't know my Jack, he loves to eat. This particular day he was all over the Turkey & Veggies.

Look at the face!
Whooooo hooo! I love me some food!
Is this food the same color as my hair?

This boy is possibly the sweetest thing I have ever seen. He is always so happy. None of us (even Caroline Belle) can get enough of this slobbery hunk of love.

10 June 2007

Church Picnic

Today was the first of many church picnics at Lake Wild Wood. Normally we do our baptisms there, cook out and swim for the whole afternoon. No baptistms today, just play time with family and friends.

My cousin Tracee being very
strong to hold both at one time. Angelena showing Jack the proper technique for crawling
Time for Mama to cuddle

Taking in the view
(note the hands on her hips!)

"Smile or I'll bite you."
Caroline and Mr. Harry
One of her great teachers at church

Jack and "Isabellie" exchanging pacifiers.

Rick ended up getting totally drenched with water by some of the kids along with his "Partner in Crime" Mark. Don't ask me how I failed to get that picture. It was a great day and we are POOPED...AGAIN! I don't think we will ever get any rest!

More Bubba Love

We can't get enough of our Bubba!

Feed me.
I think this is your color!
Let me give you a little brush.
Jack N Bubba
It's an uncle Bubba tower!
Bubba, you are so comfy!

He's not comin' home yet, Nana! We are not done!

Playing with Papa

Since we moved into our new place and we are no longer living with my wonderful parents, we have found that our kids miss their "Grammy & Papa" sooooo much. So one of our favorite weekly traditions is dinner with my parents. The back yard is a great place for some rough & tumble with Papa. My Dad has diligently worked to have the softest lawns you have ever touched; a process that has taken him many years.

Our weekly date started so innocently

Then the rolling started
Then the steamroller
Jack? Not in the mood.
Say, "uncle!"

I think he used this move on me and my siblings once or twice.

Giddy-up Papa!

Daddy got some too
Daddy and his babies
We love our weekly dates. They always include wonderful food too. This particular night we enjoyed a nice juicy tri-tip, baked asparagus with Parmesan, garlic bread and baked potatoes (are you jealous Pee and Curtis?). YUMMMMMMMM