22 March 2008

Easter In Southern California - Day #1

This year Rick will be spending Easter in Mexico on mission trip with our students at the church. My parents had planned to spend the holiday in Southern California with my Brother and Sister. So with the thought of spending an entire week alone, the kids and I decided to fly down to join the rest of my family. The day before we left both Caroline and Jack ended up with DOUBLE EAR INFECTIONS!!! You can only imagine how excited I was about the prospect of flying with two sick children. They did great. No reason to worry. Here are some pics of our first day here...

Caroline and Jack discovered all of Lexi's toys

Caroline and Lexi enjoying a swing together.
Lexi found a puddle of water and decided to crawl through it.
This is probably the only time I have seen my niece dirty!My sister quickly swept her away for a bath in the sink.
(Too late P, I have proof!!!)Grammy getting some "Lexi time"Grammy and Caroline went to have their nails painted.
Caroline had her fingers painted to match hers and Lexi's Easter dresses!Time to dye eggs!OH NO!!! That beautiful manicure!
(It actually all came off in the bath)Jack lost the privilege of being outside with us when he violently shook the card table containing the dye.No worries! He found a stray dye tablet later and took a bite!

Papa getting some grand-baby love.

It was a great first day!

12 March 2008

Playing at the Park

On Daddy's day off we had such a great time playing at the park together. The weather has been amazing but to be honest, I could do with more rain and snow. :) Here we go!

Jack watching how high his sissy can swing

Jack and Daddy watching Caroline come down the BIG slide. And back up again

Jack decided to try a ladder. He didn't get very far. Driving in the truck with my kiddos.
Daddy and Caroline jumping over the "hot lava".
Jack taking a bite out of nature.
The cutest kids in the whole world. :)


That's right, we are raising our son the right way. This particular night I decided to let Jack try a little Hummus with his dinner. HE LOVED IT!!! Check out these pics.

"Hey! Are you takin' my picture?"
"Gimme a kiss"

" I think I missed a little at the bottom"

" I think I can roll my eyes into the back of my head. Watch"

Silly Boy!

05 March 2008

Grammy Love

I don't often capture my mom with the kids so these two pictures are pretty special to me. She happened to be around for bath time one night. She got her snuggles in with Jack for sure! I love you Mom!!

Happy Birthday GG!

On February 18th we celebrated with GG on her Birthday. No one knows her real age but we do know that she looks amazing!!! Here are some pictures from that fun evening. I'm pretty proud of this cake. I made it! It was chocolate cake with chocolate whipped cream and raspberries and then I covered it with chocolate ganache. YUMMMMMM.
This is a picture of some of GG's grands. We were missing all the older boys I think!
A family picture of GG, Rana, Monu, David, Breena, Caroline, Leah and Lexi.
My aunt Rana and Sabreena cuddling for a picture.
Happy Birthday GG, we love you!

A visit with Lexi-Poo

My sister and Lexi came for a visit over Valentines Day. I love when they come to visit. It was one of my favorite visits because of all the time we had together. Here are just a few highlights.

Jack crawled on top of the coffee table to get a better look at the Chester Cat.

Caroline decided to hand down one of her bathing suites to Lexi. Since it was a little chilly, we just put it on over her jammies.
One night we enjoyed some turkey for dinner. Lexi was initiated in the tradition of chewing on turkey legs. This was her very first and she loved it.
Caroline and Jack enjoyed some too. How many legs did this turkey have?One day we went with Leah to meet some of her Mommy friends who had girls Caroline's age. We had such a blast!
Lexi's response to cheese.
Papa fishing for a Lexi-fish.
We miss them so much but we are looking forward to spending Easter with them in Southern California.