31 August 2007

Playing With Daddy

Rick and I generally move pretty slow in the morning. But once we have had our coffee play time begins. I think the morning is when we have our best play time as a family. Here is Rick with the kids just this morning.

Daddy lovin on his babies
The normal routine of torturing Caroline
Jack loves to be upside down.
Snuggle, snuggle

I have to say that watching Rick play the kids is one of my favorite things to do. They absolutely adore their daddy.


One of Jack's favorite pastimes is playing in his Jungle Jumperoo! He is a maniac in that thing! I am going to have to retire it soon since he has past the weight limit by about 6 lbs! But he loves it!

Check out those chunky legs!
One handsome smile!
Happy Boy!

Meet Gill

I would like to introduce all of you to Gill. He is a 16 month old Black Lab who was recently released from a 4H seeing eye dog program. He is about to join our family. We have been wanting a family pet for some time now so when we met Gill and found out that he was looking for a family we were more than happy to accept him.

Monday is Caroline's 4th birthday party and Gill will be arriving as a gift. She doesn't know that he is going to be our dog. She absolutely loves Gill. He is her favorite dog.

Gill enjoying an ice cube.

I can't wait to see Caroline's surprised face when she realizes that we get to keep him. I will be sure to post those pics!

19 August 2007

Beauty Queen

Daily I am amazed by how beautiful my Caroline is becoming. She is losing that adorable "toddler" look and turning into a girl. Last night we were getting ready to have dinner with some friends and as usual Caroline was with me in the bathroom while I was applying my make up. She looked up at me as asked sweetly, "Mommy, will you put some make up on me?" HA! Of course I will! I can't do this too often because it makes her look waaaaaaaay too old. Here is the finished product.


This is my girl with her usual attitude. This is how I found her in my bedroom the other day! In her Daddy's shoes!

Just like Daddy!

Just thought I would share some of my latest favorite pictures of my "Sweetie P". Can you believe how much she is growing?

17 August 2007

The Nevada County Fair

Mid August is always one of the highlights of our year. It is a time for corn dogs, tempura, cinamon rolls with icing and nuts, monster trucks, and of course rides. It is the time of year when everyone in Nevada County heads to the fair. We have one of the best fairs I have ever been to (even better than the Peanut Festival in Dothan, AL). Last year was Caroline's first year and she didn't stop talking about it until we went again this year. So off we went into the dust and dirt and abnoxiously loud fair music.

Ready, Set, Go!!!
(Can you guys see through all that DUST??)

Mommy & Jack pose for Daddy
Jack the scarecrow
Daddy and Caroline on the swings
We ran into a few friends while we were there.
One of them was Zoe. The girls are showing off their turtles
they won in a game.

Another good buddy we ran into was Brooke! The girls had a ball riding the flying elephants.

Caroline made a new friend on the car ride.

This is the face she gives me when she is about to tell me how it is.
As you can see, "bossiness" oozes from every part of her being.

(This is a family trait that my Mom says doesn't exsist) Making a new friend on the Little Wheel
Jack giving Brooke some love.
Caroline had a ball on the Gondola with Daddy.
This was such a fun day and boy were we dirty. Rick and I also had a chance to go to the Tuff Truck Races. It was awesome. All but a couple of my pictures didn't turn out and the ones that did were not worth sharing. It was waaaay cool. It brings out your "inner red-neck" which apparently is a good thing to do every once in a while. Something about wheels and doors falling off a vehichle flying over jumps it was not made to go over really makes me happy.

07 August 2007

Demolition Day!

Until Saturday we have had this old carport playing the role of "eye-sore" in our driveway. Our home was originally built in the 1870's and we speculate that the original parts of this carport were built shortly after. Our fabulous friends and landlords (Ron & Laura Pennington) decided that it was finaly time for it to retire. So we called in the troops (our small groups) and away we went.

The shell of the carport ater the outer walls had started to be removed.

We are unsure of how old this carport actually was but judging from some of the wood, it was pretty old. Not to mention the HUGE NASTY SPIDERS that have lived there happily for many years.

This carport was ready to fall over on it's own already so it didn't take much effort for the boys to pull it down with their bare hands and a rope. It was a pretty spectacular display of their manly strength.

The boys workin' hard

The girls were working pretty hard too. hee hee.

April the brave

Can you guess who is who? One is Rick and one is Pat.
Take a good guess!

We had a great time doing this and it only took a couple of hours. We are so thankful to have the best landlords God could have created and the best small group ever.


Hey everyone! I am currently having trouble uploading photos to Blogger. Hang in there! I will
get some new pics up soon!