28 April 2008


On Wednesday the 23rd, we celebrated Rick's 30th birthday! It started right with some good morning snuggles and chocolate chip pancakes.

For dinner that night we met up with family and friends at Lucille's BBQ (Rick's new favorite place to eat). It was yummy and fun!
Griff, Phyllis and Rick - What family relation!
Grammy and Caroline got some snuggles inMe and my MUCH MUCH OLDER hubby
Our good friends, and my best friend, Nicole and SteveMy parents. It took me several tries to get this picture.
Happy Birthday Rick! I love you and I can't wait for your next 30 years. XOXO

Jack's First Haircut! AAAHHHH!

We finally did it. (If you scroll down the blog you will see why: " 5" Fro"). I didn't want to, but it was really needed. So we took Jack to Simply Hair and let Ms. Kathy cut my son's beautiful curls. I cried.

The first cut.
Jack was really enjoying himself. No tears from him!

Almost done!
It was VERY emotional for me. His hair is even curlier than it was. But I'm glad we did it. I'm just a little sad.

Family Bike Ride

Thanks to our good friends, the Hadley's, we now have a trailer to hook on the back of Rick's bike. We decided to try it out behind the church one day, very fun! OK, do you know how long it's been since I have actually ridden a bike??? Well it turns out, you never forget.
The kids had a great time too. :)

The 5" Fro.

This was about a week before Jack's first haircut. Our good friend Vanessa was kind enough to put her touch on our son's hair.

Safety Boy

When you stop laughing.... Since the weather has been so nice lately I started bringing up our outside play stuff. When Jack spotted Caroline's Dora bike helmet, he put it on his head and walked around with it for a couple of days. So cute!

07 April 2008

Hunnington Beach

One day while visiting my sister we went to Hunnington Beach for the day. It was beautiful! The kids had such a great time. You'll notice no close-ups of Caroline because she was very busy with her new friend down the beach. Jack was determined to chase down the seagulls.
This is one of my latest favorites.

Jack was very busy stealing things like balls and shovels from other people on the beach. Of course he is so cute no one really cared.

Leah and Lexi where with us too but Lexi didn't care much for the texture of the sand. It was so funny.

02 April 2008

Playing with the Moffitt's.

The day after Easter we went to go play with our cousins Mike and Keri and their kids Connor and Claire. They have some really fun stuff to play with . Lexi enjoyed this swing. Mike was nice enough to blow up the pool and let the kids play in the rather cold water.
Claire is such a little cutie and really wanted to be in the water with the "big" kids.
Jack loved driving this little car around. He was sooo cute!

Yet another fun filled day in Southern California!

01 April 2008

The Hunt

After MUCH anticipation the hunt was on!!! Honestly, Caroline was the only one who really cared. Jack wanted to run down the street and Lexi was a little confused, but they were so DARN cute. Caroline and Lexi are wearing matching dresses in complimenting colors and I MADE Jack's jumper with the help of my darling friend Sivje.

Isn't she sweet??
The one and only egg that Jack collected.
Easter was really amazing this year. Caroline has a real grasp of what it means to celebrate Easter. She loves to tell the story of how Jesus died on the cross for our sins and three days later he became alive. I wish you could see the wonder in her eyes when she talks about her love for Jesus. It makes this Mama tear up. So we don't do the Easter Bunny. We do Jesus and then we hunt for eggs because it's fun. Then I get the credit for the things in her Easter basket and not an over grown rodent. HA!


Easter Sunday we went to church with the family to Inland Hills Community Church. It was so fun! The music was refreshing and the message was about family. I really enjoyed a fresh perspective. My brother Curtis joined us that afternoon and got a couple of snuggles in with Lexi and Jack. Uncle Nick and Aunt Merdy came over too. They are so much fun!
Caroline and Annie made an Easter Cake. That's green coconut they were sprinkling on top and finishing with jelly beans.

Easter baskets for Caroline, Jack and Lexi.
Caroline was the hostess with the mostest. She wrote every one's name on their cups and then poured their drink of choice.

Playing at the Park

Saturday we decided to take the kids to the park. It was pretty fun but it was HOT!!! We get a little spoiled up here in Northern California with beautiful cool weather. Regardless, we had a wonderful time. Even Aunt Pea went for a swing.They had some really cool playground stuff that we don't have up here. Caroline really had fun on these moving steps. So did Jack but he quickly fell off.
We had a great time playing in the sand but MAN did they get dirty!

Jack was actually shoveling the sand into his hair. You probably guessed that he needed a serious bath afterwards.