05 February 2008

I'm so crafty!

Saturday I was on my way to my class. But first I had to drop the kids off at my friend Sivje's house. Well, a few minutes before we left it started to snow, no big deal, right? WRONG!!! As soon as I SLID into Sivje's driveway I knew I was stuck. Rick was out of town on a youth event, my parents were out of town too. I had to seek refuge at her house until Rick got back to town. WE HAD A GREAT TIME!!! Sivje, who is very crafty, showed me how to make this cute little dress for Caroline! AAAAANNNNNND, it's reversable!!


Snow Day #....?????

Too many days to count of snow. But we have been having a great time. The other Day we decided to make our own pizza! I just happened to have all of the ingredients.

Here we go...... Punch it Baby!!

Jack was not very helpful

"Oh Alright, let me see this thing."
Caroline decided she wanted ranch for her sauce and just cheese.
(ranch is an awesome sauce for those of you who are not on the West Coast)